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International business situations can be quite different from each other. In this series of articles, we will focus on what really matters when doing business in the Netherlands.

Presentations in the Netherlands

“Fast” and “efficient” are the two terms that best describe the communications style of Dutch people, both privately and while doing business and this is exactly how they like their business presentations, too.

Facts and figures are usually regarded positively, as a good way to show that arguments are valid. A logical structure is also of great help to achieve this goal, as it invites people to follow the line of your thought and leads them to appreciate your knowledge of the topic.

Keep this in mind when preparing a presentation and make sure that you keep it simple and practical, aiming at getting to the point quickly and without hesitation.

The golden rule is to keep it professional without unnecessary “poespas”, which means “fuss”. It is also highly advisable to avoid excessive humor, sweeping gestures and exaggerated expressions and to present in a formal and rational manner.

How do Dutch business people see handouts? How should you structure your material for a Dutch audience?

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