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International business situations can be quite different from each other.

After having seen how to handle business meetings and negotiations in Italy, we will now focus on what really matters when doing business in Spain.

Meetings in Spain

In Spanish companies, meetings are primarily used to exchange information and are also often seen as an opportunity to keep in contact with business partners and colleagues.

Regional differences in Spain may be noticed regarding the timeliness of the start of a meeting. In general, however, people prefer to give an indication as a period of time, instead of a specific time, allowing the necessary flexibility and taking into account all the relationship-related aspects.

Very often meetings in Spain are not prepared in detail. Flexibility and creativity are qualities that are cherished and the agenda is more likely to be a rough indication of the meeting’s content.

Nevertheless, there is usually a lot of loud and emotional talk during Spanish meetings. Spaniards are always very involved and sometimes discuss matters rather heatedly. They are very expressive, and visibly, with their gestures. However, communication is always careful of the relationship. 

How are critical points handled? And what is the role of management?

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