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International business situations can be quite different from each other. In this series of articles, we will focus on what really matters when doing business in Luxembourg.

Negotiations in Luxembourg

Luxembourg companies are usually well structured and organized, characterized by extensive administrative processes and strongly differentiated hierarchies.

Depending on the hierarchical structure of a company, decision-making powers are also distributed. Therefore, you should make sure you are actually negotiating with the right people. However, having a good connection or relationship also with people who do not have decision-making authority, but can still be influential, won’t hurt during ongoing negotiations.

There is a tendency to negotiate formally and in detail in Luxembourg, but – as already mentioned in the previous paragraph –, the relationship aspect also plays a role, so that you should stick to the motto: tough on the job, soft towards the person.

Negotiate respectfully, on an equal level and flexibly and always keep an eye on which nationalities are sitting at the negotiating table, in order to adjust your communication behavior accordingly.

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