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International business situations can be quite different from each other. In this series of articles, we will focus on what really matters when doing business in Luxembourg.

Presentations in Luxembourg

As a fact-oriented approach is the rule, at a presentation in Luxembourg you’ll do well with figures, data and facts.

If you give a presentation in English, you should be aware that many of your listeners in the room may speak English quite well but may not be as proficient in technical terms or acronyms.

In fact, English is a foreign language for many in Luxembourg and is only the fourth language after Luxembourgish, French and German. Therefore, ask if all the terms are familiar to your audience and think about including some descriptive words in your presentation as a precaution.

It may also be advisable to offer your presentation slides as well as handouts and other accompanying materials in different languages, unless all participants have a common working language.

This, together with a few friendly words addressed to your listeners at the beginning, and some harmless small talk afterwards or being available for questions, will help you avoid being perceived as unempathetic or arrogant.

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