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International business situations can be quite different from each other.

After having seen how to handle business meetings and negotiations in the Netherlands, we will now focus on what really matters when doing business in Luxembourg.

Meetings in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, meetings are held in order to develop ideas or projects as well as to share information.

Depending on the corporate culture, the framework is more or less formal. As a rule, written invitations to the meeting are sent in advance, and at larger meetings the date is often confirmed shortly before the meeting itself.

If possible, try and find out in advance who will be attending the meeting, which languages and nationalities will dominate and prepare accordingly. 

An agenda is often welcome but is not necessarily worked through consistently. However, the topics on the agenda are generally discussed in the meeting, although not always in the intended order.

A certain joy of debate can also be felt in meetings. Depending on the respective style of communication of the nationalities involved, things are more or less openly addressed and discussed.

Luxembourgers are used to constantly switching languages in their everyday lives and this may happen in meetings too. What can be the reasons for this change of language and how should it be faced?

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