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International business situations can be quite different from each other. In this series of articles, we will focus on what really matters when doing business in Italy.

First business meetings in Italy

First business meetings in Italy are a pivotal moment to sell yourself as a professional, before focusing on your business subject, and cut in this way a so-called “bella figura”, a fine figure.

If, on one hand, it is generally true that you cannot tell a book by its cover, on the other hand outward appearances also play a part in making a good first impression in professional contexts, together with good manners and an overall positive self-portrayal.

A handshake is typically the preferred approach to greet a new business partner, and this is generally followed by presentations and an exchange of business cards. Studying the business card you receive carefully and perhaps even making a brief appreciative comment before putting it away is considered to be a sign of mutual respect. Small talk is the next step in getting to know each other and it creates a relaxed, positive atmosphere, before diving into the main subject of the meeting.

How are business meetings structured and how can you forge a good personal relationship with the actual decision maker of the counterparty?

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