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International business situations can be quite different from each other.

After having seen how to handle business meetings and negotiations in Denmark, we will now focus on what really matters when doing business in Ireland.

Doing business in Ireland

Irish business people generally prefer to conduct business within their own network of contacts and referrals can be considered an essential element of the Irish business culture. Under these circumstances, if you are willing to do business with an Irish counterpart, a personal introduction is the best way to break into this.

After such an introduction is made, a couple of informal meetings are normally held in order to get to know each other before coming to the subsequent business meeting.

When introducing yourself, you should shake hands with everyone in the room, exchange business cards and engage in some friendly small talk – otherwise, you may be considered arrogant or even rude.

When the relationship is well established and people are talking about business in detail, you should also be engaging and active.

Irish business people hardly stick to an agenda. On the contrary, topics are discussed as they arise and sometimes lead to lively discussions or heated debates. This is also true when it comes to negotiations: in fact, it is very common to haggle over prices until a good deal for both sides is reached.

How should you behave when giving a presentation? How do negotiations take place?

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