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International business situations can be quite different from each other.

After having seen how to handle business meetings and negotiations in Ireland, we will now focus on what really matters when doing business in Finland.

Doing business in Finland

Finns are considered to be the best listeners in the world and expect their counterparts to listen in a concentrated manner as well. Therefore, when attending a business meeting in Finland, you should make sure that you don’t talk too fast and never interrupt your Finnish business partners.

Repetitions are avoided, and the foreign counterpart often waits in vain for questions or detailed feedback. As a general rule of thumb, if facts are not commented on or questioned, you can assume that things are “good to go”.

Finnish also has very few polite expressions and phrases. Questions and requests from Finns in English can therefore sound quite direct at times. However, you should not interpret this as an act of rudeness. Although the word “please” is rarely used by Finns, the word “thank you” (Finnish: “Kiitos”) is used much more frequently.

Finnish understatement is a likeable trait, although foreign business partners often tend to take it as an indication of incompetence. How should you behave in this case?

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