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International business situations can be quite different from each other. In this series of articles, we will focus on what really matters when doing business in Denmark.

Presentations in Denmark

When making a presentation in Denmark, precise and well-structured statements supported by figures and dates are one of the elements that should not be missing.

Moreover, you should keep your presentation short and design your slides with titles and keywords relating to the different topics you are going to discuss. In fact, Danes don’t want to be “overwhelmed” by a presentation but would rather work together with you on the issue.

In order to draw their attention, you should make them feel like they are taking part in a discussion, so make sure that everyone can see you and hear you speak and remember to throw some questions into the room, as well as to leave space for ideas.

Listening and showing interest in the different opinions your audience is going to express will lead you one step closer to success.

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