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International business situations can be quite different from each other.

After having seen how to handle business meetings and negotiations in Luxembourg, we will now focus on what really matters when doing business in Denmark.

Meetings in Denmark

In Denmark, a meeting begins in an orderly fashion. The inviting person has the floor and then proceeds to the first agenda point.

If you as a guest are supposed to take the floor, you should introduce yourself only briefly at the beginning of the meeting itself. As hierarchies in Denmark are flat, keeping yourself on an equal level is an important part of good communication.

For the same reason, seating arrangements are also based on equality: everyone sits at the table wherever they choose to. The important thing is that everyone can have eye contact with each other.

Each agenda point of the meeting is followed by a very open exchange of opinions, which may seem to be somewhat excessive. However, it is immensely important for Danes that all participants have an opportunity to express themselves.

How is the atmosphere in Danish meetings? Which is the best way to discuss the meeting-related topics?

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