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HR development

The promotion and development of your employees for your business is very important. As staff developers, we will help you to develop the skills of your employees. Our personnel development supports employees not only in professional and personal development, but also allows you to bind them to the company in the long term. With our support, you can secure the necessary human capital and thus your competitiveness.

1. Occupational health management

German Occupational Safety Act § 4 para. 1 ArbSchG from 1 January 2014
"Work is to be conducted in such a way that any risk to life and physical and mental health is avoided and the remaining risk is minimised to the lowest possible level."

The amendment requires companies to re-analyse the working conditions of millions of workers. The service range expertalis offers in occupational health management combines the identification of previously unrecognised risk potentials at the physical and the mental level using certified methods for prevention and health coaching. In addition, we offer proven solutions to eliminate risk and unlock the previously unrecognised potential of your professional and managerial staff - all at a single address.

Physical level
A personalised, physical health check as part of a unique systems test consisting of stress, cardiovascular and vascular diagnostics which, to date, is the only such programme offered in Germany. This programme includes recommendations for action and individual support.

Mental level
The development of the mental health potential of your professionals and executives, using mental coaching and health coaching.

2. Coaching

We support you in identifying and developing your employees’ best qualities. 

We offer:

  • Respectful, performance-based communication within the company
  • Stimulation and guidance in team building processes 
  • Conflict management, business mediation
  • Time management at both the personal and company level 
  • Development of a corporate vision / mission and clear communication with staff and executives

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