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Recruiting full steam ahead for your success.

The same diversity that exists among companies applies to the variety of demands on an HR service provider. It is up to you whether you wish to engage expertalis purely as a consulting partner or entrust your entire recruitment to our capable hands. Pick the service package that best suits you and your business. Whichever package you choose - expertalis guarantees you our full commitment. We will do everything in our power to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Local Identity and Global Recruitment.

With our recruiting team you are always on the right page. As staffing company with offices in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf, we work nationwide. With our international network Future Manager Alliance Ltd. we also offer placements on a global level. We develop the right solution for your personal recruiting and find employees that match your needs. Thanks to our experience, our recruiters match employees for businesses of all sizes and industries. As HR Consultants we thus contribute that your business remains stable and competitive.

Our service range at a glance:

Our Complete Solution
By employing a recruitment process that utilises the full breadth of our knowledge and expertise, we fill your vacancies with the perfect candidates. We then do our utmost to bind your new high performers to your company long-term. By considering the needs of individual employees, we answer the following question together: what does your company need to do to retain new employees long-term? We determine the appropriate organisational measures and systematically assist you in their successful implementation. You can find our current overview of these services and conditions: expertalis_Complete Solution.pdf

Our Module Solution
As an alternative to our Complete Solution, we also support you modularly in the search for your ideal candidate. Here you can select your individual solution: expertalis_Module Solution.pdf

Interim management as a solid transitional solution
With our skilled interim managers, you can comfortably and confidently bridge the time until your new employee commences his/her employment. Of course, our experienced interim managers are at the ready for other situations as well - for example, for special projects or peak periods. We always have the right specialist on hand for you. Feel free to check out the overview of our current services and conditions: expertalis_Interim-Management.pdf

Coaching in the development of professional recruitment processes
Recruitment from the bottom up: we will safely and traceably guide you through all your in-house recruitment processes. To do this properly, we will regularly be at your site to conduct the individual process steps hand in hand. At the end of the coaching sessions, you will know exactly what is crucial in a successful and efficient recruitment process. Feel free to check out the overview of our current services and conditions: expertalis_Coaching.pdf

Examples of successful job placements across all functional areas, hierarchical levels and sectors can be found in our list of references.

Our contribution to a sustainable world: planting trees.